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End-to-end product development


We foster an authentic engineering environment that prioritizes seamless expansion, streamlined maintenance, and exceptional product performance. Our approach is built upon:

  • Collaborative cross-functional teams
  • Collaborative programming through pair-programming
  • Extensive testing protocols to ensure wide coverage
  • Regular and dependable product delivery.

User-Centric Design

In our design process, we create custom user experiences that have a meaningful impact and solve the everyday challenges of real people. Our approach involves:

  • In-depth user research to understand their needs
  • Rapid prototyping and validation to test our ideas
  • Agile iteration to continuously improve our designs.

Product Management

Our focus is on achieving a seamless fit between your product and the market. We blend industry-leading practices with our own innovative management strategies to concentrate on what's truly important and adapt quickly to changing priorities. Our process involves:

  • Engaging in customer discovery to gain insights
  • Establishing the minimum viable product
  • Gathering feedback from users
  • Making data-driven decisions.

Our Product Launch Cycle

Ideation & Discovery

We dive deep into your vision, conducting thorough research and brainstorming sessions to unlock the potential of your idea. We then meticulously craft detailed specifications that lay the foundation for turning your concept into a successful product.


We bring your idea to life through captivating prototypes, allowing you to visualize and refine the user experience. Our expert team conceptualizes the core features, interactions, and aesthetics, ensuring your product's potential is fully realized.


Our team of skilled developers transforms your prototype into a functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Through agile methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, we create robust and scalable solutions that align perfectly with your business goals.

Alpha / Beta Maunch

We guide you through a controlled and iterative launch process, thoroughly testing and refining your product internally. This allows us to gather valuable insights, iron out any issues, and ensure a smooth user experience before reaching a wider audience.


It's time to unveil your product to the world! With careful planning and strategic execution, we orchestrate a public launch that maximizes visibility and user adoption. We harness the power of effective marketing and seamless deployment to drive early traction and set the stage for success.

Scaling Product

As your product gains traction, we assemble a dedicated team that will work closely with you to iterate and scale your business. Leveraging our expertise in product management and agile development, we help you seize opportunities, optimize performance, and drive sustainable growth.

Blue Sky Session

We utilize the BRIDGeS framework by Railsware, a reliable method for product ideation, to make certain we are building the correct solution from the beginning.

  • Collaborative cross-functional teams
  • Collaborative programming through pair-programming
  • Extensive testing protocols to ensure wide coverage
  • Regular and dependable product delivery.



A prototype is a preliminary representation of the product you aim to create. It is an interactive model that demonstrates how the final product will be used by the end-users.

  • Bring the product idea to life in a way that enables our stakeholders to visualize the complete design and user flow.
  • Get an early assessment on the effectiveness of the workflows.
  • Recognize deficiencies in the design before commencing development.


Development & Growth

Creating a prototype may be straightforward, however scaling a solution requires more effort. As the product advances, the number of obstacles it encounters increases. Exelerate will guide you through every step from concept/prototype to MVP and a rapidly expanding product.

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Nikola Dimovski
CEO  KlikniJadi
Copenhagen, Denmark
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CEO  Burn&Earn
San Francisco, California
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CEO  Rentd
London, UK
Munya Island
CEO  Lakestream
Port Louis, Mauritius

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