How Exelerate helped KlikniJadi.mk retain it’s leadership position in the regional food delivery market


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Nikola Dimovski
CEO  Kliknijadi.mk
Copenhagen, Denmark


KlikniJadi’s story begun back in 2015, as the first food-delivery service in Macedonia. As a bootstrapped business with limited funding and started by a non-technical founder the software development was outsourced to various agencies and freelancers.

Nevertheless, the company grew steadily and became the de facto leader in the food delivery industry within the country. However, the technical debt was compounding through the years and at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic it hit a critical point.

These are not just a group of guys that can pump out code, they really know business and provide you with the expertise you need to take your startup to the next level, as a non-technical founder this was key.

Nikola Dimovski
CEO & Co-Founder of Kliknijadi.mk


Skopje, Macedonia


Food Delivery

Investment Round

Goverment Fund

Raised Capital



$2,000,000 - $5,000,000
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KlikniJadi’s software was being developed by multiple agencies and freelancers through out the years. As a result there had never been a clear development goal, proper documentation and the codebase was a buggy mess.

All of this compounding technical debt hit a boiling point at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic when KlikniJadi saw a 300% increase in the volume of daily orders. The business got to a point where the software was holding back the growth of the company.

At that point of time, we were users of the platform, and looking from the outside in, we saw a lot of opportunities and best practices that if implemented would massively improve the value provided by KlikniJadi.

We pitched these improvements to KlikniJadi’s team and after a couple of meetings we were onboarded to help the company transition to the next level.

One of the biggest challenges was that KlikniJadi wanted to continue with multiple development partners working on different verticals of the business (mobile dev freelancers, a separate agency working on the logistics side etc.)

We had to help build a framework to manage this fractured framework of multiple development partners, execute on our development verticals and also help KlikniJadi find an in-house CTO to lead the long-term technical vision of the product.


We started with doing a code forensics on the existing platform, based on which the highest priority bugs and improvements were identified.

A development framework was set in place and a CTO was sourced from our community of builders to join KlikniJadi’s in-house team.

We reduced the number of actors that were involved in the development process of the product by downsizing the responsibility of the third-party agency and freelancers down to a single freelancer managing the legacy code.

In the meantime, our team and the newly appointed CTO got to working on rebuilding the whole platform from scratch. We made this decision as the technical debt of the existing codebase was too large to iterate at the pace we wanted to.

The largest improvement that we identified for immediate ROI was the routing algorithm that was used. The routing algorithm that was in place was poorly implemented “Greedy Algorithm” which utilised almost zero optimisations.

As such, we onboarded two Data Scientists from Exelerate’s community to implement a better routing algorithm and within just 4 months they were able to improve the previous algorithm by 25% in fuel consumption and kilometres driven per order.

Value Delivered

We transformed KlikniJadi’s fractured development process into a well-structured system consisting of multiple actors aligned behind a singular long-term vision.

Helped them find an in-house CTO, as it was important for them to keep a level of sovereignty  going into the future when it came to the product vision.

Improved KlikniJadi’s routing algorithm by a margin of 25% when it came to fuel consumption and kilometres driven per order, resulting in an immediate ROI of 25% revenue increase.

Team Structure

Lead Engineer
Ilcho T.
StartUp Engineer
Elena C.
Product Designer
Bojana D.
Data Scientist
Boshko K.
Data Scientist
Gorjan P.




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